Just a tiny crack on the dam

    Do you see the pressure coming?

    Do you patch it or blame it?




  • For Business Decision Makers

    Translate Cyber Risks into

    Monetary Terms


    Enhance visibility of cyber risks and enable manage business priorities.

    For Business Decision Makers

    Provide Governance Oversight


    Offer a management view of your entire security posture on a single dashboard.

    For IT/Security Professionals

    Remove Guesswork


    An objective, focused, data-driven assessment of your cyber security exposure.

    For IT/Security Professionals

    Guidance of Security Best Practice


    A compliance-driven risk assessment helps employees follow security best practice.

    For IT/Security Professionals

    Ease of Use Scorecard &

    All-In-One Dashboard


    An easy-to-read cyber risk scorecard & dashboard helps with benchmarking as well as visualizing risks as financial impact.

    For Cyber Insurance

    Streamline Cyber

    Insurance Underwriting


    Understand where your risks lie and what your insurance policy will require.

  • Hoplite Cyber Security Risk Assessment

    Even if your computer systems are timely upgraded and patched regularly with anti-virus software, there are still other weakness in the access control like weak password or vulnerabilities in the network that might expose the computer systems to cyber threats.
    Hoplite Cyber Security Risk Assessment can prevent data breaches and address security issues early. Prevention is the best risk management strategy to your cyber exposure.

  • Machine-learning,

    Predictive Data Analytic Platform

    for Cyber Security Risk Assessment


    Data Driven

    Assessments are based on real and live data. We take snapshot measurements of over 60 security control metrics, from system logs to user and network activities.

    Machi​ne Learning

    Discover unusual patterns and high risk events in network and user activities. Using machine- learning to crunch data and analyse millions of risk scenarios.

    Predictive Risk Level

    Combining the power of statistical models and machine learning, we apply Monte Carlo simulations on data collected. Cyber risk are measured on different levels of confidence.

    ISO Compliance

    Security controls follow ISO 27002 control objectives and reflect organisation cyber hygiene.

  • Hoplite Cyber Security

    Risk Assessment Plans

    Flexible Plans Suit Different Business Needs

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