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How Clear can Cyber Risk Visibility offer?

· Cybersecurity

With a cyber attack launched every 40 seconds, enterprises need to rethink their cybersecurity measures. This is where cyber risk visibility comes in.


Cyber risk visibility essentially means having the complete picture of a company’s cyber security measures.


Why is cyber risk visibility so important?


Often, enterprises make the mistake of believing that cyber security is only the sole responsibility of the CIOs or CISOs. This is not true and can have a detrimental effect because a robust cyber security policy condones collective responsibility.


When the consequences of actions are laid out and explained to the employer and employees, it can considerably reduce the risk of a data breach. This is because the organization takes a proactive stance rather than a reactive one.


Cyber risk visibility is key to understanding the effects of a potential threat.

  1. Bird’s eye view of the risk: Security is not a technology problem. It is a business issue. With risk visibility, everyone from top management to external auditors can get on the same page about the security protocol and be crystal clear on the priorities.
  2. Creating Benchmarks: Monitoring everyday activity allows cyber risk visibility specialists to gauge what is normal behavior and come up with contingency plans in case anything goes off track.
  3. Cloud-Based Systems: As all organizations start to rely on the cloud to store data, cyber risk visibility is more important than ever. Unlike traditional systems, a cloud-based system can have several blind spots left exposed. They are not immune to hacks and transparency is crucial to assess the potential risks.
  4. Trigger Automatic Responses: With cyber risk visibility, it is possible to view the entire organizations' security measures on a single dashboard and take action in real time if something seems amiss.

The bottom line is you can’t protect what you can’t see. Knowing where all the blind spots are helps organizations bounce back faster from a cyber attack.


Again, the emphasis is on pre-emptive measures rather than relying on reactionary methods. Therefore, in order to truly protect the enterprise, cyber resilience is the need of the hour.


Cyber risk visibility is the first and most important step to achieving cyber resilience. 

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